WP Text Expander DEMO

Move your mouse over the following link WP Text Expander to find out which effect the plugin WP Text Expander will create. You can create this effect for any link (aafiliate links, important money pages, landing pages etc.

This is a demo to show you how WordPress Profit Poster works. You can post anything you like i.e. a review of a product, an article or anything else you like and lead your visitor at the end of your content to a product you would receive commissions for.

Instead of showing your ugly affiliate link you can use the real domain name that visitors would trust you more but you shouldn't forget that the new FTC rules say that you have to reflect somewhere at your website that it could be that you are earning affiliate commissions for anything you show at your website.

An example link for showing your visitors would be something like this:


Move your mouse over this link and you will see that no affiliate link is shown but when you visit the clickbank order page after clicking the  order button at the bottom of  the salesletter you will see that a affiliate ID is shown (in this case mine).